How bird spikes and bird netting differ from each other

Bird spikes and Bird netting are the two methods for pest control of the birds. Both the methods are proficient and the outcomes are great. The difference between bird netting and bird spikes is the material, mechanics, and systems utilized as a part of it.

Bird spikes

The bird's spikes are a possibility for controlling the bird pest and it is utilized broadly. Bird spikes are installed at bird landing surfaces which are generally over the windows, housetops, fireplaces, or wherever it is conceivable. It makes a physical obstruction for the birds.

Pros of Bird Spikes

  • Easy installation

  • Long life expectancy

Cons of Bird Spikes

  • Unattractive

  • The spikes can assemble quills and droppings which can be unhygienic.

  • This isn't perfect in the product intended to keep the birds away

Bird Netting

Bird netting is another choice for controlling bird pests. It is used to keep the birds away from the regions where you don't need them to settle.

Pros of Bird Netting

  • The nets are installed easily

  • Discreet

  • Long-enduring

Cons of Bird Netting

  • Installment is expensive

  • Requires normal support

  • Potential for the birds to end up noticeably caught behind the netting if it is not installed in a proper way

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